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Whole lamb about to be roasted

The  baby lamb is first marinated in the kitchen with rosemary, sea salt, and a blend of aromatic spices. It is then brought to your venue & placed on  a spit to  rotate the lamb at a certain speed, allowing it to be evenly roasted on a bed of hot charcoal.

The roast lamb is  13kg & serves approximately 35 - 40 guests

Sliced lamb & bone-in accompanied by brown sauce
Once the lamb is  cooked, the chef will slice it and separate them into meat  and meat with bones  ( usually called a bone-in ). They are then placed in a chaffing tray  with condiments such as mint jelly, honey mustard sauce & brown sauce

Roasted baby potatoes
Complimentary Side Dishes

Roasted Baby Potato
Mesclun Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing

Set Up

1 table

Bed of Mesculun salad
1 chef to roast till lamb is fully cooked & carve the lamb into     portions

Mustard Sauce

Mint Jelly
Brown Sauce

Serving utensils : Cornware disposable, bio degradable cutlery -

Price : 
$900 + transport